My Love of England and Four Others” is a collection of 44 English and 10 Polish poems.

In both parts of the book there is an irresistible lyrical charm and endearing imagery underlying the surface of words. The author uses metaphors, similes, epithets and other poetic measures generously. Her rich and colourful language varies from fierce sophistication to childlike simplicity. She does not hesitate to use rhythm and rhyme – combining the two in some places into a unique musical experience i.e. ‘Her Hair’ or ‘Roses, Roses’.

The four colour chapters with her main poem “My Love of England” naturally create five circles of human experience. There is passion burning and love satisfied, there are heartbreak and despair followed by more melancholic and philosophical creations found in other colour chapters. Some of the poems carry a less defined longing for transcendence and meaning, yet others turn directly to God.

It is a book of one human experience which can be easily compared to a treasure box of various colourful pieces of glass and their reflections in the light. In this book the glass pieces are held against the bright shining sun for a reader to have a closer look … at perhaps questions like: what it takes to become a more sensitive, more beautiful, vulnerable and a truly ‘living’ person in our confused times …


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