enter from the sea-side
on a low tide
golden fish and their silky images
April scented steps
no need to count
as if
abundance lived here
in generous arms of strong waves
to lift you up the steps
into that land
you knew
it must have been
a place yet to name
instantly recognized
by calm fabric of silver airs
resting on quiet planes
where everything
has been said and done
now you can wait

About elizadavies

Being a human is an awesome thing. Being able to name the awesomness of it all - sends my mind veering dangerously and beautifully ... Naming the Invisible is my life long challenge ... words which live, describe life and eventually impart life ...
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14 Responses to chambers

  1. grosenberg says:


  2. Fantastic – really evocative – I’ve ordered your book!

  3. elizadavies says:

    You are kind … !

  4. Marzena says:

    Approaching to unknown seashore is thrilling, especially with all those surrounding gold fish. You inspired me to go to the beach today 🙂

    • Marzena says:

      … beach was beautiful and, did you know? The air was covered by silver airs. An experience to live through again!

      • elizadavies says:

        Am glad you managed to get out there. Silver airs – rising fogs and melancholy – I believe?

        • Marzena says:

          I went there again and could not skip the abundance of seashells… One on top of another as I came to the place where cliff starts. So beautiful!

  5. Beautifully crafted, work of art!

  6. Beautiful! First 4 lines of stanza 2 are my favorite.

  7. Your word play and phrasing is, as always, exquisite. Your poetry begs to be read aloud and your audios of them are so beautifully done!

  8. elizadavies says:

    Bardess! You are kind, thank you so much for your comment. It has skipped me as I was away holidaying – but am so pleased to have it spotted now. Thank you for your visit. Hope you are well and prospering!

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