between the two of us

give me another leaf – green
a marvel in the key of E
laid at the bottom of your hand
where no word passed
among its lines
but we have said the world
between the two of us
your eyes sharp like a yacht’s mast
far in the clouds
mine are the chalice of its grasps
in water deep
between the two of us
can it be
that you are
the tree …

About elizadavies

Being a human is an awesome thing. Being able to name the awesomness of it all - sends my mind veering dangerously and beautifully ... Naming the Invisible is my life long challenge ... words which live, describe life and eventually impart life ...
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2 Responses to between the two of us

  1. elizadavies says:

    Thank you for your comment! I am glad you like it!!

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