my love of England


these beautiful graphics are created by MILESTONE MAN - thank you!

About elizadavies

Being a human is an awesome thing. Being able to name the awesomness of it all - sends my mind veering dangerously and beautifully ... Naming the Invisible is my life long challenge ... words which live, describe life and eventually impart life ...
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2 Responses to my love of England

  1. This made me nostalgic…remembering the years I lived in England…but mostly why I knew I had to go there.

    I still do often, just not in physical travel.

    I guess I’m not a fool after all!

    PS: The graphic is wonderful!

  2. elizadavies says:

    I am thrilled you liked so many of my poems here! Thank you for your kind remarks and associations. Truly, England is the one and only country which offers a mesmerizing hold on imagination and heart. No wonder you keep coming back in your thoughts. I am very fortunate to live here and to enjoy the best of it – Sussex Downs. There is no other place like this one!
    Look forward to more of our poetry exchange!

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