be still

read by Eliza
I am coming for you
on threads of silence
and strings
in ropes of thoughts
each loving silk
there is no haste in my walk
but peace – enough for today
it stands above
your darkened forehead
no need to panic – be still
I will tuck you in
with my warm breath  fingers’ touch
velvet word and all good will
can you see
your hope’s rising like an island
on horizon for a wrecked ship …
you are in – no need to fear

About elizadavies

Being a human is an awesome thing. Being able to name the awesomness of it all - sends my mind veering dangerously and beautifully ... Naming the Invisible is my life long challenge ... words which live, describe life and eventually impart life ...
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8 Responses to be still

  1. I really like this poem. I’m afraid I am not eloquent enough to explain why though! Excellent work, none the less.

    • café poetic says:

      Milestone Man! I am charging you with false modesty. The only thing you do not lack is eloquence – how do I know? If you look up my blog roll you can see your pretty little name on it and you can have a look at your posts … 🙂 with respects, el

  2. I think I do not lack a few other things apart from eloquence! Hmmm… maybe I should have said I do not have time to accurately asses the reasons for my liking of the poetry – especially as it is unfamiliar territory for me. I am sure that it I thought about it for long enough I would be able to analyse the reasons, and yes express it eloquently.

  3. café poetic says:

    Hi MM – sorry for my poor use of English: I wanted to say: the one thing you are not lacking – instead I expressed something more or less hurtful and have not even realized it until I read it again today and saw your comment. I am sorry!

    All I wanted to say in a joking way is: I adore your eloquence and because your creations are unique and your blog is interesting and refreshing standing above the usual I have had the privilege to put you on my blogroll … hope you can accept my sincere apologies … 😦 I will think twice now before I enter the humour territory as it is not my strength … will I be forgiven? el

    • Apology accepted. To be honest, I didn’t think you would have meant it in a malicious way, as it doesn’t seem in your character! After such a gracious apology of course you are forgiven.

      I hope this doesn’t deter you from exploring humour some more. We all make mistakes.

  4. café poetic says:

    Thank you for grace MM. And with the humour I will endeavor to expand gently and tactfully … 🙂 el

  5. Eric Evans says:

    Psa 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Grace and peace to you,

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